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V/A - The Dreadful Symphonies Zobacz większe

V/A - The Dreadful Symphonies


Wydawca: The Crowd Went Crazy Records

Format: CD

Premiera: 2018

Kraj: Polska

Gatunek: Metal

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30,00 zł

Więcej informacji

"The Dreadful Symphonies" CD compilation is to be released on the 23th March 2018. All profits made will go to cover further medical treatment of Victoria, our guitar/bass player daughter. This release is unique as almost all the tracks you hear are either recorded for this particular purpose or have been unpublished so far. All the bands participating are for some reasons important for Us! Limited to 616 copies, CD, jewel case.

You can order it via:



Under the link you can check our 2 songs from the compilation: "Before The Storm" (recorded by twos) and "Reborn In Gore" ("All Of Them Witches session outtake).

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