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RITES OF DAATH - Hexing Graves Zobacz większe

RITES OF DAATH - Hexing Graves


Wydawca: Godz Ov War Productions

Format: MCD

Premiera: 2017

Kraj: Polska

Gatunek: Death Metal

Standardowe wydanie w plastikowym pudełku.

Wysyłka od 16-go października.

Więcej szczegółów

25,00 zł

Więcej informacji

Recorded in the damned summer of 2017 at Roslyn Studio and Michał Pijocha's Studio.

Mix and mastering at Roslyn Studio.

Logo by Ihasan Art.

Covert art by Julia Siuda.

Rites of Daath are:

TP - bass, vocals

KP - guitars

MS - guitars

DC - drums

More info:

Cemetery Whore is dead, long live Rites of Daath! Having changed the name, the guys also changed their musical preferences and shifted towards that raw sounding and obscure death metal in the vein of Dead Congregation and the like. From the 'Hexing Graves' intro through the fifth and last track on this release, 'Most Holy Death', Rites of Daath focus on mid- and fast tempos, with some blasts on the one hand, and some doomy parts on the other hand, guttural or shrieking vocals, harsh riffing, pounding bass guitar and drums parts, all immersed in gloomy and sick atmosphere, sounding evil and claustrophobic, and delivering some high quality material that fans of the already mentioned Greeks, but also those of some of the current English, Australian and American death metal acts will definitely love to listen to over and over again. Twenty-plus minutes of uncompromising, relentless and slaughtering death metal - an EP you cannot afford to miss!

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